Monday December 11th, 2023
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Lo2met 3eish: Bringing Happiness to Every Office

Staring at your computer screen at work and it suddenly becomes a doughnut? Some sweet and savory goodies are taking our fancy and we know just where to get them with Lo2met 3eish's new awesome corporate offers for offices across the city...

Staff Writer

Delicious, doughy, and heart-warming bakery, Lo2met 3eish has been leaving a trail of bread crumbs and sprinkles all over Egypt. With its 3 branches in Alexandria (in Glim, Roushdy and Semouha) and its newer locale in Zamalek, Cairo (6 Brazil Street), this bakery has worked its way into the hearts of many with their sweet and savoury delights.

A haven of delicacies and indulgences, Lo2met 3eish offers customers a unique experience through the ability to customise their own doughnuts, waffles, sandwiches, breads, croissants, muffins, pates, salads, cakes, drink and more, to their heart's content.

From doughnuts made up of red velvet dough, to ones filled with a sea of chocolate or custard, glazed with white chocolate or caramel and topped with Oreos, marshmallows or even Toblerone, the Lo2met 3eish bakeries cater to your sweet tooth, your cravings and your mood. Whatever delicious concoction you feel like indulging in, they create it! 

In addition to that, you can also customise every detail of your sandwich. Whether it be white, brown, Panini or Vienna bread, spice it up with your choice of a range of sauces from ranch to honey mustard and add your favourite cheese to your choice of filling.

Delivering to Zamalek and neighbouring areas, the sky is the limit and now Lo2met 3eish takes their devotion to their customers one step further with their exceptional corporate offers. Listen up organisations, offices and corporate firms for you are being offered these sugary and savoury delights at a discounted price! Mouth-watering, we know, and let’s be honest, no one deserves it more. In the middle of a mind-numbing day of work, when you're right on the brink of smashing your computer, nothing injects so much delight in your life as a giant box of doughnuts. Or muffins. Or even some deliciously fresh salads if you're one of those healthy office types. The entire office will snap out of the workday blues in no time. 

For more information please contact or alternatively call 01120066500.

You can check out their Facebook page here.