Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Mada Abdelhamid: WWE's First Egyptian

Egypt gets ready to rumble as Mada Abdelhamid becomes the first Egyptian to join the WWE.

Staff Writer

Mada Abdelhamid: WWE's First Egyptian
Let's get ready to rumble! If you rolled your Rs as loudly as we did, then we've got some exciting news for you. The beloved WWE has finally discovered the innate Egyptian desire to fight under 'most any circumstance - even debban weshoshna. Reminiscent of the lineup of bodyguards Ahmed Helmy faced in Zaky Chan, the WWE lineup has a new addition who puts these bodyguards to shame. Ahmed Tarek Abdelhamid, better known as Mada Abdelhamid, is officially the first Egyptian to join the world's most widely known professional wrestling company.
It may be a little early and we may just be a bit too excited, but those of us who grew up with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and the like, can now proudly add Mada to the list of WWE's big hits. The 27-year-old Egyptian is bringing to life the hopes and dreams of WWE fans across the country by being the first Egyptian in the WWE. Mada gained popularity through WWE's Tough Enough challenge where he was eliminated in an unforeseen turn of events. Egyptians love upsets and a little controversy, so this made him all the more appealing to his already rapidly growing fan base. Despite the upset, Mada remained confident in his goals and still hoped to make it to the WWE.
Even in the days prior to his Tough Enough escapades, Mada was an inspiration to many to chase their dreams no matter how unattainable they may seem. Formerly a basketball player, Mada fled Egypt following the 2011 revolution and relocated to the United States. Calling the mean LA streets home, he pursued a career as a personal trainer. Is anybody surprised? It gets better, though, as we learned that one of his biggest clients is Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo - actor Jason Momoa. Mada was doing pretty well for himself, wasn't he?
Adding to his impressive list of accomplishments, Mada continues to make Egyptians proud on an international scale with his newest achievement of joining WWE. Although declining in popularity in the West, WWE maintains its large fan base of supporters and hopefuls right here at home. We hope that Mada Abdelhamid has set the precedent for the many Egyptian hopefuls to follow.