Friday June 14th, 2024
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Malta Calling

The European state of Malta has announced that you can now buy its citizenship...

Staff Writer

Malta Calling

Good news rich people of Egypt! Your travel worries have been solved! Malta have now made it possible for you to buy their nationality and passport for a slim price of just $1.5 million! This is great news for those, through no choice of their own, are born with our blighted green passport, whose main destination allowances include the army and Banque Misr. You can't holiday in Banque Misr, they've got little to no room service! 

Malta is part of the European Union meaning if you invest the $667,000 in property in Malta, and the $880,00 fee for citizenship, no longer will you have to wait months to see if your visa from Egypt got accepted or not or be kicked out of the West for overstaying your welcome. Buyers can travel to Europe, visat-free, throughout the 27 member states  of the EU and can also live and work within these countries. The flip-side is you have to live in Malta for at least one year. Oh no! Live in a beautifully scenic European country for a year filled with crystal blue water beaches? You'd also be following in the foot-steps of some prominent characters who have already bought the nationality including a former Formula One champion, a Chinese billionaire, an international pop star, a member of the Persian Gulf royal family, an American press magnate and a South American soccer player.

Meanwhile we understand Egypt will begin to sell its own citizenship to other nations for a coin of hash and a couple of Cadbury's Creme Eggs.