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The Mobinil and Chelsea Deal Everyone is Talking About

London's Chelsea FC have announced a new collaboration with Egypt's Mobinil, in a first-of-its-kind deal...

Egyptians love their smartphones as much as they love their football. So many were excited this morning waking up to the news that the Chelsea Football Club have announced that Mobinil will be their official mobile network service partner in Egypt.

The deal struck between the colourful clashing titans is the first of its kind to involve Egypt and a Premier League club. Essentially the deal will allow Chelsea fans the chance to receive news about their beloved team through an exclusive Mobinil package and its 1111 football subscription service.

In a statement released on the Chelsea FC official website, Steve Cumming, Chelsea head of commercial sponsorship said "We are very pleased to have signed this new partnership with Mobinil, one of the most prominent telecommunications companies in Egypt, and we believe they will be able to help us engage further with our growing fanbase in Egypt." For Chelsea the deal will mean more money and international followers.

As for Mobinil, Ashraf Halim, commercial vice president at Mobinil, added "This partnership will add value to both Chelsea Football Club and Mobinil, and allows us to cater for more customers and football fans. It will allow us to engage our customers in many valuable activities coordinated between us and Chelsea."

This partnership will be great deal as Chelsea currently has arguably one of Egypt’s greatest footballers, Mohamed Salah, on their team roster. Now Chelsea fans can find out whether or not he is once again on the bench without having to rush to a café to catch the starting line-up. Sure this deal is just another marketing ploy, but with 35 million current subscribers, Mobinil is already one of Egypt’s leading mobile operators and, with their backing of Chelsea, are set to take their own title as Egypt’s next top mobile provider.