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Muslim Rage Beats Katy Perry

Katy Perry's blasphemous music video gets edited after Muslims around the world petition to get it removed...

Besides being painful to watch and making us want to rip out our own eyeballs, Katy Perry's Dark Horse music video caused a whole lot of hoopla last week when some guy who scrutinised every millisecond of the video started an online petition claiming blasphemy. In one scene, the video depicted one of Katy Patra's suitors wearing a pendant with the word Allah on it get zapped by lighting and turned into sand. Shazad Iqbal from the United Kingdon spotted this and threw a online fit claiming that “blasphemy is clearly conveyed in the video, since Katy Perry (who appears to be representing an opposition of God) engulfs the believer and the word God in flames." Iqbal started an online petition demanding that the video be removed and Muslims around the world jumped on the bandwagon. The petition was gathering steam with around 65,000 signatures, and it seems Muslims have won this round, as the video was digitally altered to remove the word Allah from the necklace. See what happens when we pull together, guys?

Whether the perceived anti-Islam symbolism was intentional or not, let's just skip the religious connotations in music videos, Katy. Though Perry made a statement that she didn't mean to offend anyone, this is the second time she's come under fire for the way she uses symbols from other cultures.