Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Nacelle And Omar Khayyam Wine Are Classing It Up At Royal Mohamed Ali Club

Fine wine and splendid tunes from some of Egypt's most powerful musicians - including Dina El-Wedidi and Grammy award winner Fathy Salama - come together with Nacelle for an evening to remember.

Staff Writer
We all wept like babies when we heard that the esteemed folks at Nacelle were bringing an end to their House Sessions. We’ll still have the memories though. Sweaty memories of nights spent boogying so hard it seems like we made the sun come up early. Nacelle hasn’t left us though, they’ve only just matured. Moving on to a more sophisticated stage. Like that friend you had back in uni who was a blast to party with but since has become a classy, wine drinking individual with that same wild spark.
And so it is with Nacelle, who since ending their House Sessions have now partnered with Omar Khayyam for an evening of wine and music at the Royal Club Mohamed-Aly. May 7th will not only see sets from DJs Mohamed Sadek and Génial but, fitting such an illustriously fancy occasion, also feature the super talented Dina El Wedidi with her band Dokkan, and Grammy Award winner and all around musical legend Fathy Salama.
Complementing the rich sounds of El Wedidi and Salama, the near-mythical legacy of Omar Khayyam, the wine, and the poet, will imbue the evening with a one-of-kind, epic vibe. 
Tickets are 200 LE, which includes complimentary wine and sangria. Yeah, we’re excited too
Check out the event on Facebook.
For reservations and more information call 01001790022.