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Viral 'Ba7ib Okhtak' Song Horribly Redefines The Struggles Of Love

We never quite know what makes a post go viral, but this low production video for the song 'Ba7ib Okhtak' is... well... interesting, to say the least.

Who said a hundred pounds, a shaved chest, an immature guitarist in a car trunk, and some really bad lip-syncing can’t get you to stardom? That was certainly the case with the 2013 song video that went viral for some (twisted) reason only a couple of days ago, titled Ba7ib Okhtak (I love your sister), which in itself sounds like a blatantly offensive titled given the ‘okhtak’ factor.The video, with lower than low production, ‘filmed’ mainly in a shabby street and a garage, features Hassan al Masry with an open chest, checkered shirt, a haircut with a distinct fringe, and at one point a pair of more-sexy-than-we-can-handle eyeglasses. The bad (and at times too-behind) lip-syncing only fuses to perfection with the embarrassingly horrible acting going on in the video clip. Dramatic slaps on the face, crying in the poorly-lit bedroom, and a bunch of guys drinking tea in unison while a random guy at the far end engages wholeheartedly in koshary eating, are only some of the snippets that make the video way over the top. Of course, the instant death of the girl’s father the moment he finds out that the son’s friend is in love with his daughter only adds to the uncomfortable weirdness of the whole ‘production’.