Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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New Authentic Mongolian Grill Open in Cairo this Weekend

Cairo foodies will be rushing the open cooking theatre that is the Mango Grill tonight at Citystars for its incredibly entertaining and mouthwatering Mongolian cuisine.

Staff Writer

From the dawn of man, cooking has always been something fun to watch and, in the past decade, televisions around the world have become so dominated with cooking shows that networks have sprouted up devoting 24-hour cooking programmes. As much fun as it is watching Top Chef or Chopped, the television experience is missing the most important factors to any meal: its smell and its taste. Bringing the excitement of live cooking while emerging you in its smells and giving you plates to taste and crave is Citystars' first all-you-can-eat Mongolian restaurant – the Mango Grill – opening tonight.

Some will say if you haven’t tried Mongolian cuisine you haven’t lived. Popular in countries all over the world, Mongolian cuisine is an explosion of customised flavours cooked fresh right before your eyes. Equipped with a massive Teppanyaki grill, the concept of any Mongolian restaurant is the same: pick your absolute favourite proteins (salmon, shrimp, chicken, meat), vegetables, and sauces, then watch a culinary master cook it right in front of you in their unique cooking theatre.

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With a massive variety of options, the combination possibilities are endless, and watching them cook it up instantly in their one-of-a-kind open kitchen will make your mouth water even more. This will have many customers who hate waiting forever for their food happy about the speed and freshness in which their meal is prepared. Who needs the Food Network or fire dancers when you have the two combined at the Mango Grill, resulting in one of the tastiest and most entertaining meals you'll probably ever have.

The opening is tonight, but we discovered that on Friday the first 50 customers between 2 - 5 PM will get to eat free! So if you have never had the experience of immersing and entertaining yourself in the smells and tastes of Mongolia, then Friday at the Mango Grill is your best bet to try it out.

For more information about the Mango Grill visit their Facebook here or Instagram @mango_grillegypt.