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New Cairo, Rejoice! Tortina Just Opened a New Branch in Concord Plaza

And just in time for the most wonderful time of the year - post-Iftar dessert binge.

Tortina Egypt

With Ramadan in full bloom, our favourite post-iftar ritual is trying out all the desserts customised especially for Ramadan and tortina is one place that never lets us down where sweets are concerned. So, Tagamo residents rejoice, as the goodies shop has opened up its second branch in the 5th settlement, New Cairo.

Located in Concord plaza, the new store even has an ice cream station. First founded in 2009, the family business, has now expanded to several location throughout Egypt including Heliopolis, Zamalek, 6th of October, Mohandessin, Maadi and the North Coast. This is one pastry shop that is all about traditional Egyptian treats with a twist. And it's never your run-of-the-mill type dessert. Bringing us desserts like Basbousa Lotus, Rawani Mango and Lotus kunafa, tortina knows how to hit just the right sweet spot.  

Finding the inspiration for their desserts in the French, British and Italian classics, tortina's chefs are constantly innovating and creating recipes that merge both Oriental and Western flavours. Experimenting with modern recipes as well, tortina's vision is to explore different tastes and this Ramadan is no different. 

So we're postponing our diet for the umpteenth time, but this time, we're doing it with no regrets. Ever had Balah El Sham with pistachio cream or Nutella? No? Well that's just one of the many mouthwatering desserts that tortina has to offer. Honestly, it's no wonder we're having so much trouble sticking to that summer body plan.

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