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New Egyptian Online Employment Platform Launched for People with Disabilities

The United Nations estimates there are 12 millions persons with disabilities in Egypt.

Ebtessama Foundation Launches Online Employment Platform for Disabled Persons 'Majidah'

Egyptian NGO, Ebtessama, has launched a unique new platform that allows for people with disabilities to seek out jobs in Egypt. The website, named Majidah, serves as an e-bridge between employers, companies, training centres, institutions and people with disabilities.

Named after social worker and advocate for disabled peoples’ rights, Magda Sami, Majidah as a website is is disabled-friendly in offering options on the website to enlarge text, bold the font, and play a recorded tutorial guide on the website’s functionality.

The platform is a great stride to better integrate disabled people into society and employment, by allowing easy access to employment opportunities, as well as providing training programs that assist in acquiring the expertise demanded of the labour market, allowing it to become an inclusive space with equitable opportunities.

"We are constantly working to develop the community and increase the pace of progress in Egypt by empowering people with disabilities and supporting the digitisation of Egypt,” said Mahira Hassan, General Secretary of Vodafone Egypt Foundation, which has partnered with Ebtessama t launch the platform.

The United Nations estimates there are 12 millions persons with disabilities in Egypt. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), disabled people in Egypt tend to be economically disadvantaged, and are not active in the labour market. Reasons behind the exclusion can be attributed to their lack of access to needed labour market skills, such as ICT, soft and entrepreneurial skills. Due to the impact of disability extending to the families of the individuals, the amount of people affected by disability in Egypt is 36 million.

Main image from Zero Project