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New Niqabi Emojis Take Self-Expression To Whole New Level

We should've seen this coming; we really should. Designer Ibrahim El Makky creates niqabi emojis that have taken over the Facebook world, proving that there's really no limit to what you can do with emojis.

Emojis have become an integral part of our existence in this digital age because why express how happy you are with words when you can do it with a little yellow smiley that has hearts instead of eyes? Entire sentences and thought are now being conveyed with emojis. Soon, we shall do away words altogether. Sorry, Shakespeare. WhatsApp had recently installed an emoji update that provides users with a list of choices of skin colours for the emojis and even more recently we got a whole slew of new emojis that have totally upped our texting game. But no matter how many options there are, we always need more. Artist and designer Ibrahim El Makky recently went down the road of asking why we don’t have Muslim-specific emojis and took it upon himself to design couple of niqabi emojis and shared them with us on Facebook. Check them all out below. 

The Indifferent

The Angel's Halo

The Lovestruck

The Sad Face

The Sobber

The Wink

The Cool One

 You can checkout Ibrahim El Makky's creative designs on Facebook here.