Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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New Unified Payment Card Could Be Used for Everything in Egypt

The government is creating a unified card to help shift Egypt into a cashless society, and achieve financial inclusion.

Cairo Scene

In a plan to create a safe digital space for all transactions in Egypt, the government has signed a cooperation protocol to create a unified card for all governmental and non-governmental transactions. 

This is part of the Egyptian government’s plan to shift into a cashless society, and achieve financial inclusion. 

The main hurdle that most Egyptians have to jump through when it comes to cash services is the presence of multiple post offices, which are deemed inefficient. 

This new transition is done in cooperation with the Secured and Smart Documents Complex and the Central Bank of Egypt. The National Post Authority will also be monitoring the card’s issuance, usage and life cycle.

Other entities will be put in charge of monitoring the card’s POS network, the life cycle of applications and card usage in general. They will also be maintaining customer service through the following hotline: 19789.