Friday December 1st, 2023
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New Unknown Virus Kills 3, Infects 11, Sparking Fears of a Possible Epidemic in Egypt

Ministry of Health confirmed that 3 of the infected lost their lives to the unknown virus. Medical experts are currently performing multiple tests in hopes of identifying what it is and how to treat it.

Staff Writer

Spreading panic among Egyptian citizens this week is  Egypt's Ministry of Health announcement that 11 citizens were infected by a 'mysterious virus'. Three patients have lost their lives to the unknown virus over the past few days, El Masry El Youm reports.

The infected are being held in special units in two government hospitals in Abassiya and Imbaba, pending research and medical analysis of their cases to determine what the virus is so they can begin to provide proper treatment, if available. The symptoms accelerate very quickly and they include sudden vomiting, severe diarrhoea, and intense stomach-ache. Six of the patients have recovered after extended medical observation and the last two are still receiving medical care.

"A team from the ministry medically examined the patients' using advanced medical equipment. Everyone living close to their [residence] is being examined in order to take proper preventative measures. We are also, simultaneously, performing lab exams in order to determine the nature of the virus," Head of the Ministry's Preventative Medicine Sector Amr Qandil, explained during an on-air interview on Wednesday with TV host Wael Ebrashi of Al Ashera Mesa'an.