Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

News Today

On going battles in Kerdasah and bombs on the Metro...

Staff Writer

News Today

According to State TV, one member of security forces has been killed so far in Kerdasah, but fighting is still on going.

Since the overthrow of Morsi, Kerdasah has been identified as a hot bed for Morsi-supporters. In July, militants killed eleven police officers at a police station. It is speculated that majority of the residents are anti-military.

Residents were quoted on Wednesday saying they did not trust police: "We know they will come to arrest people we know and respect whom they blame for the violence that we know was done by outsiders, not by our respectable sheikhs," Ahmed Aly told Reuters news agency.

Security forces enter the area shortly after dawn prayers, and since their arrival a gun battle ensued and continues. It is still unclear how many casualties are involved, but as this an ongoing operation we suspect numbers to climb.

Meanwhile two primitive bombs were found 100 metres from Helmeyet el-Zaytoun station in northeast Cairo. They were both successfully defused by Egyptian explosive experts, but have caused a partial closure of the metro network.