Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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No Shame In My Game: Defying Taboos & Misguided Beauty Concepts

No Shame in My Game is a stunning and enlightening new digital campaign that aims to challenge Egyptian society's stereotypes and prejudices.

Staff Writer

There is no shame in being whoever it is that you are; no shame in being overweight, no shame in being too skinny, no shame in being too girly, and definitely no shame in spending your days sitting idly on your mother’s couch reading the entire Internet. But humanity tends to see something wrong with everything, even if no such wrong exists, and we Egyptians are no exception. We judge working mothers positively yet we look down upon housewives, for instance.

It seems that, no matter what you do, people will always find something wrong with it – someone will always disapprove, so you might as well just do your thing and not let it get to you. This is exactly what No Shame in My Game is about. While it sounds like something you would say while snapping your fingers in a Z-formation, the digital campaign actually aims to challenge prejudices and preconceived ideas, and shine a light on positive examples and people who live by their own values. Names such as Ego Communicate CEO Nayrouz Abouzid, social media sweetheart Mohamed Mekawy, and others have endorsed the campaign.

Abouzid reveals her innermost fears and insecurities to spread the campaign’s message, saying, “My mom had been telling me I was the prettiest since I was born. I believed it, until one day I realised that it wasn’t the case.” Another face for the campaign is former Harley Davidson Egypt Sales Manager, Dina Wassef, who quit her lucrative corporate job to pursue her passion for painting.


#NoShameInMyGame - Dina Wassef

دينا واصف أخذت قرار غير حياتها...وما فكرتش في رأي حد...شاركونا بقرار انتوا أخذتوه بالرغم من رأي الناس فيه!  إستنوا قصص أكثر لناس حقيقي جميلة من برا ومن جوا!#NoShameInMyGame

Posted by No Shame in My Game on Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Society would tell you Dina Wassef is 'crazy' and Nayrouz Abouzid is not ‘that pretty’; however, as Abouzid herself put it, “people disliking me doesn’t keep me up at night!”   

At a time when a person's value is determined by how much money they make or how many heads they can turn, No Shame in My Game is a much-needed wake up call; a reminder that a person's value lies not in their appearance or the facade they put up.  

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