Monday June 24th, 2024
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Rae Rocks Cairo Jazz Club

Bringing back their brilliant Destination CJC nights, everyone's favourite music venues flies in singer/spinner Rae for a night inspired by the infamous London clubbing scene.

Staff Writer

Rae Rocks Cairo Jazz Club

We don't really need any specific reason to go to Cairo Jazz Club; the inebriated venue is one of our favourite haunts in the city what with its laid-back vibe and infamous blue shots. But then when we hear that a kickass international female DJ and vocalist will be hitting up the iconic bar, we definitely ditch all other plans and head over there sharpish. DJ Rae, who’s quite the mozza by the way, will be setting up shop at the bar next Monday, May 19th. Besides the fact that we always need a little liquor on Mondays just to help power us through the rest of the work week, a good live act always helps improve the night.

Now they say God doesn’t give with both hands but the lord was clearly in a good mood the day Rae was created because not only is the girl a serious heavyweight behind the decks with some recklessly hot Deep and Tech House sets, but she can SING too, and her combination of spinning skills and powerful vocals makes for one hell of a live performance. Granted, we may feel a little inferior as we watch her perform, considering that we are both tone deaf and the only instrument we ever (sort of) learned to play was the recorder back in middle school but we'll get over it because talent is always worth watching.

The songstress/deck dazzler/producer/jack-of-all-musical-trades burst onto the scene way back in 2008, signing with Defected Records and creating instant hit Can't Stop with House music master Sandy Rivera, and then going on to deliver some of the hottest tracks in recent years such as Persuasion. Long story short, the girl has produced tracks with some of the industry's House heavyweights, and spends her time, you know, just playing out music to massive crowds all over the world, from Ibiza to Brazil. Ah the life of a DJ. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! She'll be bringing her wicked live performance to everyone's favourite watering hole next week so we suggest you head there early, start out with some beers, and see where the night takes you.

Book your spot at this night using There will be a 100LE entertainment fee charged at the door.