Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Reham Saeed Suspended for Controversial Body Shaming Comments

The TV host will be investigated by the Supreme Media Council

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Reham Saeed Suspended for Controversial Body Shaming Comments

Egyptian TV host, Reham Saeed, has been suspended by the Egyptian Media Syndicate following the uproar caused by controversial comments about overweight people, according to Egypt Today.

It’s believed an official complaint filed by the National Council for Women triggered the suspension and upcoming investigation by Egypt’s Supreme Media Council. Saeed said that obese people were a burden on their families and society as a whole, while also stating that obese women lose their femininity.

The comments, which were made on talk show ‘Sabaya with Reham Saeed’ on Al Hayah, drew the ire of social media users across the country, as well as several high-profile figures, including Egyptian actress Engy Wegdan – known for her body positivity stance – and Lebanese TV host Rabia Zayyat. “The words of this woman are full of bigotry, ignorance and untreatable disease. This is a dangerous example in the media," Zayyat tweeted.

The controversy comes after a 2015 public campaign encouraged viewers to boycott Saeed’s show, after she accused a victim of public sexual harassment who slapped her harasser of dressing indecently, before airing stolen photos of her in a swimsuit.

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