Thursday March 30th, 2023
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#SaveYourLast3cm: L’Oreal ELVIVE'S Stellar New Products Promise to Restore Your Long Locks

Because you're worth it.

Staff Writer

Every woman with long hair fears the monthly trip to the coiffeur to get their locks trimmed in time for that one distant cousin’s wedding. The sum total of hair that has gone down the drain because of splitting is a heartbreaking contemplation. Luckily, L’Oreal ELVIVE has not left us to our own devices and whipped up a fresh new product range to combat precisely that. The ELVIVE Dream Long range is designed to help you save those three precious centimetres every month so you can dream longer and bigger, and rid yourself of the nightmare that is zeit zatoun and mask samnah.

Yousra El Gamal, beauty blogger

It’s no secret that the longer hair gets, the more susceptible to damage and breakage it becomes. On the one hand, you want long luscious mermaid locks. On the other, the appearance of crinkly, bristly ends makes you want to chop it off and be done with it.

Aya Abdelhamid, makeup artist

The #SaveYourLast3cm movement empowers women to style their hair the way they want to, without being restricted by the ravages that come with long hair. L’Oreal ELVIVE promises that the new products will help every woman save the few centimetres of their hair.

Shahd Shaarawy, singer 

The new coral product range is infused with castor oils and vegetal proteins so you can get your zeit kharwa3 fill in an easier way. The range also includes shampoo, conditioner, masks and leave-in cream. The star product is definitely the ‘Leave- In No Haircut Cream’, which helps reduce the appearance of bushy split ends and lessen breakage caused by brushing while also acting as a heat protectant. These aren't just hair care products - they're an investment.

Farah Abdelmegeed, Ballerina

It’s time to put down the scissors and start nurturing those tresses.

Long hair? Do care.

Miracle Nassif, fitness and lifestyle coach