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Sean Penn Watches ISIS Videos for Reminder Of Horror

The Academy Award winning actor feels that we should be exposed to "real violence" not just movies.

Renowned actor Sean Penn has admitted recently that he does indeed watch the horrific ISIS videos that many of us avoid. His reasoning? The Oscar-winning actor feels “morally obliged” to watch these videos, adding that we “do not see enough of real violence.” In an interview with The Telegraph, Penn feels we are being sheltered to today’s gruesome activities of countless terrorist organisations and that the concept of that should change.

Feeling people who claim to be immune to the horrors of the beheading videos or other atrocities due to today’s action/horror movies are lying through their teeth, or in his words, "intellectually dishonest or existentially un-present,” Penn makes quite the point. When we watch a gruesome movie we know that it’s all fake. On the other hand, those disgusting videos are happening in real time, to real people. What do you think?