Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Sharing is Caring

We headed over to Alchemy to try out their new Sharing Menu, resulting in delicious food, great drinks and some heart-warming team building...

Staff Writer

In these modern times, we just don't enough time together with our family and friends. Whether it’s a grueling work schedule or an exhausting social life we just don't get to hang out together enough. However, those spooky wizards and witches at Alchemy have found a solution to bring us all back together again.

The "There's something Bloody about Mary" Saturday sharing menu allows you and three pals to tuck in to a delicious portion from their exclusive sharing menu - with enough delicious grub to make sure everybody leaves satisfied. The menu features an array of Spaghetti al Olio Pineapple, Chunky Sausage and Tomato Pasta, Spaghetti Pescanutta and, our favourite,Chicken in Creamy White Sauce. Meanwhile, those craving a lighter option should check out the Summer Liver Salad or the delicious mixed leaf salad offering a tasty and crunchy summer treat. These come alongside the usual Saturday brunch treats. 

Of course that's not all, as no trip to Alchemy wouldn't be complete without sampling their delicious cocktails. And that wiley old witch Mary certainly doesn't disappoint as she, alongside the venue's top mixologists, serve up Alchemy's exclusive deadly concoction – a delicious spiked fruit punch made for sharing, as well as six for the price of four on Heineken. If you're feeling adventurous you can also try the venue's tasty test tubes and create your own cocktail combination.

So grab your nearest and dearest and rekindle your old friendship...before it’s too late.

Alchemy's sharing menu is part of their ongoing Saturday brunches. Find out more on their Facebook page here.