Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Up 2 Dance

We Cairenes love us a good party and Up 2 Dance is giving us just that with a whole series of wild nights...

Staff Writer

We Cairenes love us a good time, which usually includes loud khabt music and lots of vodka, so you'll be pleased to hear that a new series of parties is set to hit the city's scene. Up 2 Dance is going to get you in serious dance mode this May, and then keep you firmly in said dance mode all summer long and into Eid. Organised by uber-event planner Mahmoud Zidane, who's been behind some of the hottest parties at Sharm's Space, the series will consist of four parties in Cairo every Thursday, then move on to Sahel as we all flock to the seaside for the summer season, and get us good and day drunk by the beach every Friday, and finally, they'll set out for Gouna over Eid, where they'll be rocking the Clubhouse.

All the events center around Egyptians' true and undying love of Deep House music. They're just bringing the people what they want!  Each of the Cairo parties will feature a different local hero of a DJ as well as live music to add a little extra something.

The first event is set to take place at Cavallini tonight, where those iconic Gawdat brothers will be taking to the decks and spinning out some of their signature Deep House sounds. They'll be accompanied by the club's resident DJ Ahmed Raouf, also catering to your House obsession, as well as the wild banging beats of live drums in addition to those sexy violin sounds that always add an awesome element to music. So we all know how the night will go; there will be loud beats, fist pumping, and more than a few rounds of shots. Should be good! Aguizi & Fahim are set to be the next deck dazzlers and the rest of the acts are yet to be announced, but judging by the first two, you know they'll be good.

Once Sahel season kicks in and we all flock to that blue, blue beach to get tanned and more importantly, get drunk, Up 2 Dance will be hosting their parties every Friday morning on the beach, this time bringing in international DJs to get you moving on the sand. We do love us some fun in the sun. After we endure the starvation of Ramadan, the party people will be back with another event, this time over Eid in the veritable homeland of drunken shenanigans, Gouna. Stay tuned for more details…