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She Wolves Slay at the First Female Egyptian Federation of American Football Championship

Egypt’s female American football superstars have absolutely smashed it on the field by beating their nemesis and creating a new reality for women in sports.

Egypt's extraordinary She Wolves female American football team has kicked ass and set the record straight by winning the first female Egyptian Federation of American Football championships against The Pink Warriors, 33-20. In second place came The Pink Warriors, and in third place The GUC Eagles.

The resilient ladies have shown the nation how it’s done by mustering up a prominent audience and leaving them nothing short of a memorable performance and an exceptional victory.

Egypt is the first nation in Middle Eastern and African history to host a female American Football League. The teams who competed have opened up a sphere for us to discuss what it now means to be a female sport guru in Egypt. We raise our pompoms to the ladies! Defying femininity as understood by Middle Eastern standards, this victory can be denoted as a point to the strength that Egyptian women transcend not only in fighting sporting biases, but also onto the football field where they leave their mark. Let’s go She Wolves!

Image by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by: Karim El Sabaa