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Shocking Photos Show Ghada Adel’s Newest TV Series Set Destroyed by Fire

A fire that erupted Tuesday morning has destroyed the filming location of Ghada Adel’s new TV programme.

Located just minutes from Abdeen Palace, the Lycee theatre in Downtown burned down on Tuesday morning, according to Al Arabiya. The theatre is also home to Ghada Adel’s newest reality TV program Ta3ashab Shai (Come Drink Tea).

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm, the first thing to catch fire was a plank of wood on the stage of the theatre, which then quickly spread to the second floor burning the whole interior. The entire Lycee theatre, along with furniture and electrical equipment used in the show were destroyed. As a result, Adel’s programme has been postponed indefinitely.

Six fire trucks attended to the blaze and there were no reported injuries or fatalities from the incident.

Photos: Youm7