Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Singer of Iconic Hit ‘Lady in Red’ Will Play At The Pyramids

Legendary singer Chris de Burgh will hit Giza's Sound and Light Theatre in May to play at the foot of the pyramids.

Staff Writer

The ancient pyramids seem to be en route to becoming the Middle East's latest hotspot for international performers. Following Yanni's massively acclaimed show at the foot of the iconic giants, which recently also hosted Lebanese-French trumpet magician Ibrahim Maalouf, legendary ballad artist Chris de Burgh - known for his 1986 hit, Lady in Red - has announced his upcoming performance at the foot of the pyramids.

The Irish-Argentinean singer, also known for his ballad Lebanese Night, is set to perform on May 26th at the site’s Sound and Light Theatre, as announced on his Twitter account and the Facebook event put together by German party pushers Laiddaze. Although the performance is not yet listed in the official website, it was announced that tickets will be available for purchase on April 1st.  


Check out the musical legend's Facebook page here.