Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Is Snoop Dogg Coming to Egypt This Christmas?

A Facebook event by Norwegian event planners Music At Midnight has been launched, claiming to host the Doggfather himself this Christmas.

Staff Writer

We feel like we must have waked and baked this morning as news is emerging that for Christmas this year El Gouna will be allegedly giving Egypt the best present ever. According to Norwegian event planners Music At Midnight the one the only D O double G will be in Gouna to drop the hottest concert of the year.

Egypt must have been really nice this year as Gangsta Santa has decided to give us the best present ever. Slated to perform as Snoop Adelic aka Snoop Dogg aka Doggfather aka Snoop Lion aka Calvin Broadus Jr, will be taking the stage somewhere in Gouna. We're not sure if it will be a strictly Djing set or if he will be treating Egyptians to the tracks that made him Hip Hop royalty.

As it stands few details have been revealed about the event. All that has been revealed on the Facebook Event page is that the event will take place somewhere in Gouna on December 25th. There are no details on the price and venue, but the event page says that further information will soon be released.

Needless to say if this is happening it will likely be the biggest Christmas bash Egypt has ever seen, however were not entirely sold as Egypt has been fooled before by big act bookings that never end up happening. Remember Bieber in Porto Cairo? That is why we will remain skeptical until all the details are out. The event company does have its own page and looks legit, however in the event page they do list one of Snoop Dogg biggest tracks as Drop it like it’s Warm, which any Snoop fan will tell you is wrong.

If this does happen we will be the first one’s there downing Gin & Juice, and if we show up and only find Tamer Hosny, then we will be the first to leave. Either way this is exciting news for a country starved for big acts and in desperate need of a good Christmas. Please Gangsta Santa says it true.

We have reached out to Music At Midnight for confirmation and received no reply yet. More to come as further details emerge.