Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Sokhna's Coolest Beach Club is Reopening This Weekend

Summer is finally here and Clique Beach Club is kicking off the season with a killer party this weekend.

Staff Writer

Sokhna's Coolest Beach Club is Reopening This Weekend

This winter, we all had plenty of time to drink full fat hot chocolate and eat cheese right out of the box because we were too lazy to make a sandwich and cheese is amazing; but winter is over and it's time to ditch the extra pepperoni on our pizza because it's not doing our thighs any favours, unpack that bikini, and get ready for beach party season - kicking off this weekend at Clique beach club in Sokhna. The best thing since sliced bread, and located a mere 45 minutes away from Cairo, on a private beach in Stella Di Mare, the isolated oasis that is Clique Beach Club opened its doors last year with an exclusive three-day party, and this Thursday it's planning to return and mark its territory as the 'it' place to be with your clique – because, you know, high school never really ends.

The beach oasis is truly just that – an exclusive, secluded beach that's only open to those who walk through the Clique doors. Their shore is lined with beautifully set up beach beds and they've got delicious nibbles, cocktails, and shisha. And you don't ever have to worry that your aunt and your annoying cousin are going to waltz in with their ma7shi picnic. 

The upscale beach club is open every day of the week for funsies in the sunshine, putting a stop to the never-ending "so whose chalet are we going to this weekend?" conundrum; you can drive up the coast Friday morning, skimpy bikini and new Tom Ford sunglasses in hand, spend the day partying at the beach club and soaking up the sun, and still make it back to Cairo before the clock strikes twelve. 

For the nocturnal creatures, they'll be hosting a party every Thursday and Friday night, starting with this one, where Z Shark, Tommy, and Lupa all taking a turn behind the decks. So if you're sick of partying in the city because it's been long, cold winter of doing that on repeat, and you've been cold every time you wore a crop top, then this is where you need to be.

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