Monday May 20th, 2024
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St. Andrew's Holiday Bazaar To Celebrate Cairo's Refugee Community

Saint Andrew's Refugee Services has a fun and food-filled bazaar this weekend to benefit its work and refugees directly.

Staff Writer

St. Andrew's Holiday Bazaar To Celebrate Cairo's Refugee Community
Cairo has for millennia been a melting pot of diverse cultures. Its central location on the regional map has made it a prime location as a trading hub, political focal point, and a haven through which those fleeing violence and persecution come better prospects. In these times, just as ever, Cairo has a growing and diverse refugee community who often integrates into the day-to-day life of Cairo, even becoming entrepreneurs, including our favourite peanut butter maker. 
Organisations like St. Andrew's Refugee Services (StARS) are, for many, integral in the process of building a life in Cairo. Assisting with services and day-to-day life in a foreign land for their clients is tireless work. Now St. Andrew's is offering an opportunity for the people of Cairo to meet and experience the refugee community firsthand in fun and exciting ways.
Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services of Cairo is holding a family friendly bazaar this Saturday from 11 AM - 4 PM in celebration of its patron saint’s holy day. The bazaar will feature unique food, music, and crafts from the different refugee communities of Cairo. Activities will also be available for kids. All the proceeds will benefit StARS and the individual refugee vendors. If you're looking for interesting art, a fun afternoon with family, or just want to help out people in need, it's impossible to find a better cause than this.