Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Student DJ: The Final Battle

With both H.O.S.H AND Finnebassen headlining the final battle, Student DJ Program comes to a close on March 5th in an epic celebration at the notorious Temple. We speak to finalists Nour Fahmy and Gaser El Safty...

Staff Writer

You know those mornings when you wake up and you can’t decide whether your head is spinning or pounding or both as your body recovers from the proverbial beating it took from last night’s recreational, errr…substances. You vaguely recall the events of the night prior; becoming besties with random humans, quite a lot of epic beats, cheering and first pumping, that sort of thing. There are several bruises on your body the causes of which you can’t quite recall and you pray fervently for your mattress to swallow you whole and take the pain away. Your stomach is still swishing with vodka, which is now rising into your throat and death feels imminent. But you are willing to endure this, and would gladly do it again, and have absolutely no regrets about all and every one of your transgressions, and you know it’s all okay because you had such a damn good time last night. It’s all good when you’ve had a mind-blowing evening.

March the 6th will likely be such a morning because the night of March 5th is set to be a seriously epic party as the final battle of the crazy musical match-off that is Student DJ takes place. This time, after a series of tennis-championship-like square offs on the decks, the last men standing, Gaser El Safty and Nour Fahmy, will be hitting the decks in the final face-off. IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWWWN…. Wait, sorry, wrong tune? Whatever.

And it doesn’t end there. Electrum Records have tapped legendary city spinner Marc Wahba to open the night, and, AND both H.O.S.H and Finnebassen as the insane international deck dominators that night. Oh boy. None of the above really need any introduction. It’s bound to be good.

“I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be one hell of a night,” El Safty tells us in anticipation of the final event. “Nour is really talented, he has a good ear and good taste and his mixing is solid.” The two DJs have gone through months of battles, proving their prowess on the decks to get to this final night. “The experience I went through from the interview all the way to this moment, was simply breath-taking,” Fahmy says. “Gaser is an amazing musician and I’m gonna enjoy every single moment of this night.”

So, what kind of beats should one expect from the two finalists? “Face-smashing Techno drums, with fat bottomed basses and screeching melodies,” El Safty tells us. For those who get music, you may understand this. For those who read the above words and pulled a blank, in layman’s terms, just really good khabt music that will have your ass firmly fixed on the dance floor. Nour Fahmy’s plans? “I'll be playing some shakhloo3y Tech House,” Fahmy tells us with a grin. Sure, we love ourselves some shakhloo3y Tech House. Granted, we’re not entirely sure what it is, but we have enough faith in this party to know it’ll be good.

The party will also be at The Temple, so it feels like home. Better get booking. 

You can check out their Facebook page here.