Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Summertime at Ciel

The hottest new beach bar and lounge to hit the North Coast, Ciel is set to sparkle... That is, if you're a member. Find out more here...

Staff Writer

Summertime at Ciel

By this point in the month, we’re positively itching to get the hell out of the city and make our way to the seaside so we can just live out all our summer fantasies and be the mermaids that we know we are, despite what anyone says. As we set our sights on the seashore, and futures of mermaid-dom, the name of one spot in particular keeps popping up: Ciel.

This new sun-soaked spot looks like the ultimate in beach-side luxury. Located in the newly opened Amwaj in the North Coast, Ciel is a members-only beach and pool that will put your life into serious perspective – as in, why on earth do I not just live here year-round and why am I spending one more second elsewhere when I could be in the heavenly spot where skies are cloudless and dreams come true?

Aside from the sparkling signature turquoise Sahel waters that are basically befitting of screensavers, Ciel is also equipped with a stunning pool that includes a bar and chaise longues INSIDE the pool. Excuse us while we dive into a reverie picturing ourselves laying in a water-soaked chaise longue and being fed grapes.

Now, that’s essentially all we need for us to have a stellar summer, but Ciel isn’t stopping there. They’ve also got The Smokery on board serving up their always-sumptuous culinary creations by the pool and the beach. Now let’s be honest. When The Smokery’s food comes into play, all our silly notions of dieting and bikini bodies and whatnot go straight out the window. Straight out. The diet can always start tomorrow.

Alternately, you can, unlike us, not focus on the food and instead go the activities route – and there’s funsies galore. There will be water activities aplenty, so if you’re one of those people who goes to the beach NOT to just lay there like a beached whale (ahem, us) then get ready for action-packed days. Plus there’s a volleyball court for a little friendly (debatable) competition and exercise in the sun, and even a kids area so your little monsters are taken care of while you lay around leisurely. If that weren’t; enough, there are two Jacuzzis nestled inside the VIP lounges that dot the side of the pool. What is this wondrous place?

Plus, every Friday, they’ll be throwing a big beachside shebang – but they’re keeping it classy. Fridays will be more of an all-day chillax session where they’ve tapped some big DJs to come and spin out a playlist of chilled beats (i.e. don’t expect any hardcore Trance beats). Having said that, they are going to have three big events featuring some of the biggest DJs on the planet but they’re keeping their lips sealed so far on who they are…

Now if you want to experience all this opulence on the shore, you better get started with making that membership happen – and members can reserve for outsiders. Ahh we can practically feel the sand between our toes and slipping through our fingers. WE CAN FEEL IT! Oh no wait, that’s just the Cairo dust. Not for long though, once we’re lounging at Ciel.