Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Sun, Sea and Smoke

The Seasha is an ingenious little creation that will allow shisha-smokers to take their pipe into the great blue sea.

Staff Writer

We’ve all been there; you’re at the beach, balbating in the warm water, taking in the sea breeze and comfortably floating in the Mediterranean Sea, and you’re loving life. And then it happens, the sweet smell of shisha floats from the coast, and know you have a tough choice to make. You can either stay in the warm water and relax, or you can trudge out of the water and order your favourite flavour of me3asel.

Enter the Seasha. The Seasha aims to be the first solution to a problem that has plagued people in summer coast locations since the beginning of time. Using a variety of buoyant materials, and a casing around the upper half of the shisha to prevent splashing, the Seasha seeks to bring the best of both worlds; floating around in the water while your shisha floats with you.

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