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Taxi El Sa7el

Making sure that summer YOLOs don't turn into road disasters, a new taxi service will be operating exclusively in the North Coast starting in June. We find out more...

We'll be honest. The amount of times we - and by we, we mean the person writing this article whose life is too debauched to put a name to it - have been stuck in some seedy basement of house in Sahel whose owner we don't know, surrounded by a bunch of degenerate junkies and drunks who have been at it for days, rocking in a fetal position, wanting nothing more than to go home to mama's house in the Marina, get under the covers and cry a bit but not being able due to lack of transportation, have been endless.

We'd also rather not be driven home by one of the aforementioned drunks and become another statistic on the amount of young people that die on the dodgy North Coast roads. Too often the excitement of letting loose by the sea numbs the part of the brain that plans the logistics of getting home but thankfully with Sahel season around the corner, a young Egyptian entrepreneur, Hadeer Shalaby, has already thought it all through for all of us so you can go on with your YOLO ways safe in the knowledge that you'll always have a ride back to mama.

Taxi El Sa7el will be providing a safe ride with experienced drivers to take you where you need to go at any time of the day around the North Coast area. "In general we are trying to help the youth in the North Coast to go out more and to have more flexible timings in a safe ride and on the other hand help the youth who love partying to not drink and drive," Shalaby told us.

The service will be launching 1st of June so we're going to try to stay out of trouble still then!

Check out Taxi Sa7el on Facebook here and Instagram here.