Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Bachelorette People: Egypt’s Concierge Service for Throwing Your Dream Bachelorette

We all deserve one last hurrah before the big day.

Staff Writer

It’s always hectic planning any kind of party, let alone a bachelorette and especially when it involves travelling. Besides, with everyone being on edge with planning the wedding, the bachelorette sometimes takes the back seat, even though technically it’s the bride’s last night as a single woman. This is where The Bachelorette people comes in handy. The online concierge service gives every bachelorette as well as her entourage the trip they deserve by booking their tickets, accommodation and planning the whole adventure from A-to-Z.

Founded in February 2018 by Amina Fahmy and Nirvana Bebars, The Bachelorette People take every single detail concerning your character into consideration. Currently, they’re focused on three destinations for bachelorette trips: Beirut, Greece and Egypt.

“We handle everything for the bride and her entourage, from restaurant and bar bookings to club reservations. We also provide all the props,” Bebars tells CairoScene. “Usually, we’ll have a sit down with the bride and ask her a few questions about her favourite songs, movies and that type of stuff, or we’ll see if there are any inside jokes she has with her girls that can be incorporated into the trip, either with a theme or something else. This is to help us create a concept for her.”

Having already organised several bachelorettes, Bebars and Fahmy have connections in several countries and have got every bride covered for the coolest spots to hit. Finding that there’s a huge market for hennas and bachelorettes, Fahmy and Bebars often find themsleves creating concepts that one wouldn't usually attach to this kind of occasion.

“One of the bachelorettes we organised, for example, was galaxy-themed. We chose that theme because the bride is the type of person who’s always in her own little world,” Bebars explains “The theme isn’t necessarily for the whole trip. It depends. Sometimes it’ll be for two nights out of the trip.”

Recently, Fahmy and Bebars launched a second service for brides, The Party People, that handles planning for the hennas and pre-wedding parties. Teaming up with one of Egypt’s leading kids party planners, Sprinkles Cairo, The Party People also plan themed parties.

“We have a set of themes like Havana nights, for example, and Lido shows. So, we’ll handle everything from the catering, to the music, the decoration.”

Check out The Bachelorette People and The Party People on Instagram. 

Main Image: Christian Oth Studio