Sunday June 4th, 2023
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The Beating Heart of D-CAF

D-CAF's super cool press centre, right in the eye of the artistic storm, will be our home away from home for the next couple of weeks.

Staff Writer

This year D-CAF are going all out to make sure us pesky journalists get the best coverage possible for their mad month of art, film, theatre, music and more. An incredible, state-of-the-ART (see what we did there?) press centre has been set up slap-bang in the middle of downtown Cairo, a short walking distance from almost all of the venues taking part in the festival. Located on Hoda Shaarawy Street, directly opposite Felfela, the newly-renovated apartment has been slickly decorated by the powerhouse that is Alchemy Design Studios, giving it the feel of a Stanley Kubrick movie set and is a far cry from the run-of-the-mill press centres that give you horrible flashbacks of your school days.

The centre features two computer rooms with high-speed internet connections, which the nice people at D-CAf would prefer you used for covering the festival’s proceedings and not for stalking exes on Facebook. Down the corridor, there’s a super-cool Art-Deco lounge area for relaxing on the rare occasion you’ll have a break from the jam-packed schedule of artsy events, a kitsch interview room complete with a chalkboard and tables fashioned out of tree trunks, and a fully stocked kitchen packed free Red Bull, water aaaand D-CAF coffee! (See what we did there? It was a joke. They have regular coffee). Anyways one of the best parts of the press centre is the unique Archimedia Music Room decked out with high-end Bower & Wilkins speaker systems thanks to the Holy Grail of all things high-end and high-tech. If there’s anyone who knows how important it is to hear music at the highest possible quality and clarity it’s these tech gurus, and they’ve preloaded tracks from all the musicians performing at D-CAF on their systems. So if you fancy yourself a real music journalist, you better get to the press centre early to grab what are undoubtedly the best seats in the house.  

D-CAF encourages the press to join in on the fun environment of the centre, which makes access to the latest happenings easy, as many of the performers will be stopping by throughout the month. That’s not to mention that CairoScene will be setting up camp there which automatically makes it the coolest place in the world. At least for three weeks.

Check out our video tour below:

If you are part of a legitimate publication or are a secret artist stalker you can still register for a D-CAF press pass here.