Sunday June 16th, 2024
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The Best Ramadan Adverts 2015

It's that time of year... As agencies and corporations spend millions to get you talking about them, we round up the best Ramadan commercials so far.

Staff Writer

The Best Ramadan Adverts 2015

It’s the time of year when Egyptians home and abroad forget the outside world and vegetate in front of their TVs and indulge in hour after hour of mosalsalat, interjected by hour after hour of commercials. Knowing that this is the peak season, companies save up their budgets and go big for their campaigns that always have everyone talking. Here are our favourites so far:

El Aroussa Tea

A quintessentially Egyptian brand pinpoints a quintessentially Egyptian habit – all those pointless questions.



Is this the end of the genie saga? Etisalat gives its competitors a slap in the face with this cheeky commercial. 


We all have that relative who thinks they know what all the cool kids are into these days, and will swear they did it first. This new Crunch ad plays on exactly that with hilarious outcomes.


We're not sure if this is a commercial or Wust El Balad's new music video, but it pulls on our heart strings nonetheless.


Another stab at today's generation, this one cracks us up every time. 


A combination of a real guerilla marketing campaign and a feel-good ad, Mobinil strikes gold with its call for do-gooders to make a difference to Egypt.


Lion proves it's the king of the jungle by quite literally killing off its competitors, Fox and Tiger.


If only a bite of ice cream could change our lives...


Everyday annoyances never looked so hip!