Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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The Luckiest People in Sahel This Summer are Etisalat Emerald's Customers

Giving away diamond rings and Rolex watches was just the beginning.

Staff Writer

Luck is a tricky matter; some people spend lifetimes chasing trails of good fortune in hopes for a stroke of luck here and there. Others don't even have to try; they're just lucky. Some of those in luck this summer are Etisalat Emerald customers, who are witnessing an unprecedented Sahel summer as the telecommunication giant has been rewarding their loyal customers by giving away the most unbelievable of gifts.

Throughout the summer weekends at Sea Hub Sahel, Etisalat Emerald's lucky customers got to walk away with unprecedented wins including diamond rings and Rolex watches. Jaw-dropping Asia tourism packages, Harley Davidson bikes, and tickets to Coldplay and Beyonce concerts are also up for grabs.If the esteemed customers' good fortune is in short supply, they get to walk away with more 'casual' Etisalat Emerald gifts like brand new iPhones, iPads, PlayStations, and smart watches.

To get on the magic-making train, Etisalat Emerald customers strolling around Sea Hub get to register online and pick their choice of a dream gift. Etisalat Emerald will take care of the rest by sending them a message that has a number of one of the boxes scattered around Sea Hub, directing you to it. And inside the boxes, you'll find that not all dreams are meant to be put on hold.

Among the other dreams that came true this summer were chances to see music magic makers like Omar Khairat, Sherine Medhat Saleh and Soad Massi, who were brought by Etisalat Emerald to the stage of Sea Hub's RMC Theatre to complete the miracle-making experiences with the summer's hottest must-attend concerts.  

In a world where dreams are brought to a halt by things we can't control, Etisalat Emerald is taking us back to a time where dreams weren't off limits. But this time, they're bigger than ever.

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