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The Smokery Hits Sahel

Flinging its doors open just in time for Eid, the Smokery's Marassi incarnation has us licking our lips already...

When it comes to cuisine that downright kills it every time and leaves you craving it for weeks afterwards, The Smokery pretty much dominates. The seafood bar has quite literally raised the bar for delectable dishes that leave you wondering why you ever attempted to eat anything that did not come directly from their kitchen. And now as Ramadan comes to a close and Sahel season sets in, the epic eatery is about to once again open its seaside doors for the summer! Cue the post-beach cravings.

The spot will be opening up in Marassi right in time for Eid so we already know how we’re going to be celebrating the effective end of fasting; with plate after plate of perfectly prepared everything. Ahh, we’re already imagining sunsets where we’re sipping on wine and indulging in salmon steak. We’re picture chocolate fondants oozing cocoa lava all over our plate; steak that’s so delicious you just want to cry when it’s over; king prawns crisped to perfection….oh lord.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thesmokery