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The White Knights Strike

Storming a press conference held by the Minister of Sport, Zamalek FC's superfans strike again...

A group of protestors, believed to be the Ultra White Knights, Zamalek Football Club's die-hard fans, attacked a press conference held by the minister of sport, ElAmry Farouk, at the Cairo Stadium, earlier today. The press conference was held to announce the new regulations for football clubs. Farouk was accused by Zamalek's president, Mamdouh Abbas, to favourite El-Ahly, Zamalek's rival club, over the rest of the teams. Farouk, who is an ex-board member of El-Ahly, didn't really make it better by holding the press conference on the 11th anniversary of when El-Ahly crushed Zamalek 6-1. Amry then fled the press conference through the back door, and we think we heard him chanting "Bebo we besheer, Bebo wel goannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," to remind Zamalek fans of the day Khaled Bebo scored a 'super hat-trick' against them back in 2002. But we just made that up. Watch the video here (the fun stuff happens towards the end):