Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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This Egyptian Brand's Colourful Jackets Are Culturally On Point

These designs transform culture into fashion.

Staff Writer

With a history as ancient as Egypt’s, it's important to appreciate the cultures that form it, including Nubian, Bedouin, Berber, among others. The same concept holds true for the art and design methods pertaining to those cultures. Chevron, an Egyptian fashion label, mixes design styles from all over Egypt to revive our artistic heritage into a product that visually represents what it means to be an Egyptian.

The brand takes inspiration from Nubian patterns, Ancient Egyptian drawings, and classical Arabesque art and calligraphy to create truly holistic Egyptian pieces.

The Winter Rooms collection uses lush fabrics adorned with intricate Arabesque patterns coloured with rich jewels and earthy tones. The collection is mainly comprised of structured, loose vests and jackets, giving full attention to the artful design.


The aptly named Roots collection, features a colourful myriad of prints and patterns strongly inspired by Ancient Egypt. The prints feature lotuses, agricultural themes, and sunset colours. The use of Pharaonic images in coordination with the bright, lively colour palettes native to Nubia melt together to create a seamless North African charisma.

The Winter Dawn collection included designs incorporating the Ankh, black birds and geometric patterns. The end result is a whimsical play on those timeless historical images engrained in every Egyptian’s mind.


Chevron claims to “design and create wearable art with stories.” Since there is no better story than one of a whole nation’s history, we can certainly agree that they do.