Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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#ThisIsEgypt’s Latest Video Will Make You Want to Rediscover Egypt's Wonders

The latest entry in the monumental advertising campaign is a window into the rich cultural history of our nation.

Staff Writer

Let's be honest, since the revolution the Egyptian tourism industry hasn’t been doing so well. Every week there seems to be a new story or scandal designed to make our nation seem as internationally unappealing as possible, but now that the holy month of Ramadan is upon us once again, the entire country is undergoing a much needed cultural revival. 

The latest addition to the Ministry of Tourism’s massive #ThisIsEgypt campaign is another gorgeous montage, filmed by some of Egypt’s most talented young artists and filmmakers, showcasing the ceaseless beauty, experiences, and culture that no other country has to offer. It's time to look inwards and celebrate the unique things that make Egypt Om el Donya, and the advertisement urges Egyptians to rediscover the timeless beauty of our country. Check out the video below...