Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Trucks Banned From Cairo Streets During Day

Cairo's Central Transport Authority has banned trucks from Cairo's streets during daylight hours.

Staff Writer

In a move that will have all you morning commuters dancing on your desks today, Cairo’s Central Transport Authority announced Saturday that they are banning trucks from the capital’s streets during daylight hours.

This move follows the introduction of stricter traffic regulations and stiffer penalties for those who dare to violate them. This is seen by some as a necessary move to deal with the extremely heavy traffic that has afflicted certain parts of Cairo.

In order to enforce this new law, the CTA will be rolling out a poster campaign to alert truck drivers and normal commuters of the new regulations. Checkpoints will also be set up at certain traffic hotspots to ensure that truck drivers don’t try to skirt the regulations, and officers at these checkpoints will be able to bring legal action against violators.