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Twitter Verifies the Muslim Brotherhood's Account

Even though Twitter has introduced a new policy to ban 'hate speech' accounts, the social media platform has officially verified the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood's Twitter account, causing the Twitterverse to explode in anger.

The Twitterverse is losing its mind this morning upon learning that Twitter has decided to officially verify the Muslim Brotherhood’s account.

As it stands the Muslim Brotherhood Twitter account has over 140,000 followers and was officially verified even though just days ago the social media platform announced they would crackdown against “hate groups.”

By verifying the account of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Twitter’s new policy seems riddled with contradictions, as the Muslim Brotherhood are designated by six countries as a terrorist group, and in the past, this organisation has called for divisive and controversial propositions including creating a special tax for Jews and non-Muslims for “protection.”

Meanwhile in America, Twitter has decided to revoke Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ verification and has suspended his account as well as numerous Trump-supporting conservative accounts, while celebrities like Lena Dunham continue to express extreme views without repercussions posting that she would like to see the “extinction of white men.” This may have been said in jest, but once again highlights the problem Twitter will have with creating a policy to ban hate speech without being hypocritical.

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