Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Two New Party Priests Initiated at The Temple

Ahmed Abou Samra and Coco Mokhtar team up with The Temple's Ahmed El Aguizi to shake things up at the nightspot with a slew of new events including their Club Series nights which launches today! We speak to the precocious party prodigies to find out more.

Staff Writer

We all know the The Temple; it's one of the best nightlife hotspots in town where all the hottest nightlife brands host their club nights and, on some rare occasions, The Temple will host its own one-off night. Lately we've received some amazing news that something is brewing in The Temple's Sacred Priests' (read: organisers) room where they discuss mainly the fate of their followers and the direction of The Temple itself. 

During the last closed meeting of the Higher Order of the Priests, High Priest Ahmed El Aguizi decided to bring in two revered veterans (Ahmed Abou Samra and Coco Mokhtar) from a neighbouring place of worship (read: music) and adorned them with the titles of High Priests of the Temple! The newly established trio have decided that it's high time they shake things up a bit and turn The Temple into a full-fledged club in its own right. We spoke to the guys about the reasons they think this move is fundamental and how this change will come about.

We called up the newly entitled Masters of The Temple's Dancers, and asked them why they agreed to join forces with Ahmed el Aguizi and why they think this is the right move for The Temple in the near future. Coco told us, "We're not taking over The Temple - we've been working with Aguizi for a while and all three of us agreed that we share the same vision and orientation when it comes to nightlife. So we - meaning myself, Abou Samra, and Aguizi - are managing partners of the venue." This is great news for us since now, instead of having one High Priest (read: organiser) at The Temple, we now have three. Organising is no easy task, and the more people you have working together the better the night will be, especially since these organisers are also managing partners because they - more than anyone else - will want the night to be a success.

Asking the new Temple Priests what will be different about The Temple after this merger of efforts and talents, Abou Samra stated that, "From now on, The Temple is being re-branded from a venue that holds one-off nights, or a place where you can host your House music nights, to an all-around club with different nights - a Club Series Night, a Disco Night, and a Hip-Hop night called Straight Outta Temple."

Coco explained that "Disco Night launched last Thursday and is catering to the older crowds that want to party in a friendly, no frills environment, listening to easy music that they know and can enjoy with a few drinks." Abo Samra explained, "The Club Series nights, which launches tonight, will be about the gathering of great musicians from around the world - for example, Lee Van Dowski who's headlining the night, and Eddy M from ElRow. Plus, with the great vibe that we hope to create with the help of the beautiful crowds that frequent our events, we plan on putting out a solid night of musical entertainment and all around fun that any club night around the world creates." Coco then added, "Straight Outta Temple will cater to a younger and hipper crowd that are not usually interested in the music played by the other two nights, or people or who enjoy Hip-Hop music but refrain from going to Cairo's cliché Hip-Hop nights - they can come to The Temple and enjoy the music without having to endure the stereotypical Hip-Hop theme. It's a world-class Hip-Hop music night with the fun-filled no frills atmosphere of The Temple."

Well, there you have it, folks! The Temple just made a spectacular addition to its management team: two true heroes of Egypt's nightlife scene. Expect the unexpected, and then some. For more information on the new nights and on The Temple in general, head on to their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thetemple.