Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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UK Dr. Brands Initials in Liver

In a nightmarish tale that's taken Great Britain by storm, a top liver surgeon is suspected of having branded his initials into a patient's liver.

Staff Writer

A top medic is facing the chop for allegedly branding his initials on a patients liver. Surgeon Simon Bramhall has been suspended from Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital amid allegations that he used argon gas to sear the initials 'SB' onto a transplant patients liver.

The ghoulish discovery came to light when a colleague is believed to have found the liver graffiti during a follow-up check at the hospital. The 48-year-old consultant has been a leading liver specialist for over a decade and there are now fears that hundreds of other transplant patients may have received similar treatment.

The hospital’s managing trust said in a statement: “Following an allegation of misconduct, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has suspended a surgeon while an internal investigation is completed.”