Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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UK Sheikhs Ban ISIS Over $1000 Bride Scandal

Top Islamic scholars in the UK have issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from joining the Islamic State, and branding allies of the militant group as "heretics."

Staff Writer

Britain's top Islamic scholars have launched a fatwa against Muslims joining the so-called Islamic State.

The ruling ”religiously prohibits” would-be jihadists from joining the oppressive and tyrannical group, formerly known as ISIS. The imams called on all Muslims to oppose ISIS’s “poisonous ideology.”

Six senior Islamic scholars have endorsed the fatwa, branding Brits allied to Islamic State cells as “heretics.”

The call comes just hours after UK security chiefs raised the country's terror threat from substantial to severe, meaning an attack is “highly likely.”

It is thought that UK PM David Cameron will announce new plans for laws to prevent British jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria from re-entering Britain within hours.

Passports of UK citizens suspected of terrorist activity will be cancelled under the new scheme.

The news comes as it emerged that IS thugs have sold 300 Yazhidi women as brides to fellow jihadists for $1000 each in Syria.

A report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that ISIS considers the women to be so-called 'al-Sabaya' - women captured in war.

The monitoring group said it has documented 27 cases of bride-selling in northern Syria, around Raqqa, Hasaka and the rebel stronghold Aleppo. 

The move follows a flood of young British recruits - including the man who's thought to have executed US journalist James Foley - joining ISIS in recent months.