Saturday September 30th, 2023
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UberRESCUE: Our Sahel Superhero of the Year is Now in 6th of October

Uber teamed up with Nacita Auto Care to present #UberRescue.

Staff Writer

Driving in Egypt can be a bit unpredictable, unsafe, and just a general inconvenience. You never know when your car will decide to fail you, especially on your way to Sahel. A flat tire is simply not a nice look, even more so when it can risk your life. 

But obviously we wouldn’t be bringing up how annoying cars can be if we didn’t have a solution. Uber teamed up with Nacita Auto Care to introduce UberRESCUE. Whether you need a tire change or need to jump start your car, Uber is here to help. 

To use #UberRESCUE, open your trusty Uber app, enter a dummy destination or skip destination, click on the #UberRescue icon, and wait for a Nacita agent to send help your way. It's also now available in the 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed areas, and get this, Uber and Nacita Auto Care are giving free cars wash on November 14th only. But this isn't your regular old rosh el 3arabeya bel 5artoom wash, it's a 90 minutes full scrub down of your car inside and out, removing any stains on the seats, waxing the car’s interior, adding a protective layer to the exterior of the car, and of course leaving it brighter and shinier than any other car on the road. 

For more information on UberRescue, click here.