Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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UberSELECT Offers An Even Classier Experience

The new feature will give you instant access to the highest rated drivers with the nicest cars without breaking the bank.

Staff Writer
Ubers are great. Being able to get a ride whenever you need, wherever you need to go, with the push of a touchscreen, is awesome. The ability to navigate the transaction without actually having to speak to another person is a life saver late at night or when it’s too early for most of us to be alive. Even the most basic UberX is guaranteed to get you from point A to B in the most chill fashion possible. We’ve highlighted the clear advantages of Uber before but now they’ve added another fantastic feature to its ride-sharing repertoire called UberSELECT. 
An upgrade to the already kickass UberX, Select allows Uberers to add a bit of extra flair to their ride. Giving you access to the highest rated drivers, in the newest vehicles, at a price that will make you think you somehow cheated the system and got more than you paid for. So if you’re looking to impress a certain, special somebody but not looking to tap into your retirement savings, UberSELECT provides a ride that’s a step above the everyday - that you can still afford to actually use every day. 
The fancy new feature rolls out today and is about as simple as it gets to use. Just slide over from UberX to UberSELECT and watch as the grey boxy cars you’re used to seeing on your map evaporate and are replaced by slick and sleek black vehicles. Then just follow that muscle memory you’ve built up ordering Ubers the usual way, hop in, and chill out as you head to your destination in style.
Don't get too relaxed, though, since they've planted a ton of Mori Sushi gift vouchers inside many of the UberSELECTS. So not only are you getting a classy ride but you could also end up with some free sushi! We're sure it'll be cool if you eat it in the Uber as long as you share with the driver.

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