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VIDEO: Egyptian Waiter Attacked by Jordanian MP's Entourage

Shocking CCTV footage shows an Egyptian waiter slapped and punched by suited men, refusing to retaliate despite taking several blows.

Egyptian talk shows were ablaze yesterday (and it wasn't only because of Al-Ahly's dramatic defeat) as CCTV footage emerged, showing a waiter in a restaurant in Aqaba, south Jordan, being repeatedly slapped and punched by men in suits. The waiter, named as Khaled El-Sayed, an Egyptian living and working in the touristic area of Jordan, amazingly does not respond neither physically nor verbally, despite repeated blows. The men assaulting the waiter were identified to be the entourage of Jordanian MP Ziad El-Shawakbah.

Hospitalised after the grueling beating, El-Sayed was said to have explained to reporter that on the night before the attack, El-Shawakbah's brother was at the restaurant and complained that his order did not arrive quick enough and that El-Sayed did not address him correctly, before calling him a dog and throwing a shoe at him. The next day, the entourage returned while El-Shawakbah dined and accosted El Sayed, as seen in the video. The Egyptian Consulate in Jordan is said to be taking the matter very seriously.