Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Vent - Art & Alcohol Downtown

Replacing the infamous Arabesque, Vent is a new arts and performance space opening next month, promising underground talent in all its glory, complete with a fully-stocked bar. We get an exclusive interview with the founders to find out more...

Staff Writer

If you've been down town recently, you may have noticed that Arabesque is no more. Rumour has it it's being replaced by a brand new art/live music space and bar and is set to be open on the 21st of November! Vent is the brainchild of a group of young, talented people who are in the thick of the creative scene here in Egypt and because they’re just so damn cool, we’ve been told not to expect the ridiculous guest list procedures and random belly-dance performances we’ve come to know and hate on the nightlife scene. We spoke to the founders of Vent, Seif Abd ElSalaam, Ahmed El Ghazoly, Asem Tag and Nabil Shaker to get the exclusive scoop on what’s set to be one of the city’s most unique hotspots...

What makes Vent different to other venues in Cairo? 

We think the fact that we are  an art space that also has a bar and kitchen on its premises pretty much gives us a distinct edge. We're working on putting together a solid programme that is all-encompassing (it's split in three segments; Music, Performing & Visual Arts and Film) and we welcome everyone to take part. We'll try and keep it as fresh as can be and make sure that our stage and space becomes a platform for the many talented individuals out there.

Is there anything special happening for the opening?

We'd rather actually just keep it as a surprise but trust that we will put together something very special . All we can say for now is expect a one of its kind mind blowing audiovisual experience.

What kind of people are you looking for to take part and how can people apply to exhibit or play at Vent?

We invite artists from all fields to apply and become a part of our programme. We're talking musicians, theatremakers, filmmakers. visual artists, photographers and anyone who thinks they have something worth showcasing. All you have to do is download and read our Call for Artists sheet, fill out an application and send it our way and we'll get in touch.

Many venues pop up with a lot of hype and then disappear. How do you plan to make Vent go the distance?

We think we'll stick around because we're not a space that's trying to make a name for itself by providing the same uniform type of packaged entertainment. We don't see ourselves as just a physical venue, we're also a community of artists and individuals who really just want to give this city a breath of fresh air and we hope that over time we can grow in numbers and resources and continue expanding.

What kind of food will you be serving?

Our menu is very hearty and simple. We have a couple of delicious entrees, bar snacks (lots of cheeses) and a limited number of mains and sandwiches. We'll also be offering weekly specials to spice things up.

How many nights a week will there be live entertainment and is it open as a bar the rest of the week?

We're open everyday and until the curfew is lifted, we operate 12 PM - 12 AM, as both a bar and a kitchen. We have a dedicated programme that will contain daily entertainment that falls under any of the artistic segments we cover.

Vent opens on the 21st November. To get regular updates on line-ups and exhibitons, visit their Facebook page here or follow @VentCairo on Twitter.