Monday December 11th, 2023
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Video: Coca-Cola Changes the Game with Online Only Ramadan Campaign

Minutes before Coca-Cola released their much-anticipated Ramadan ad campaign, they put out a notice saying that the adverts will only run online, while the money saved from purchasing airtime will go directly to those in need.

Staff Writer

The ad we have been waiting for all Ramadan is finally here. Today, Coca-Cola Egypt released two videos on their YouTube channel, the first giving a notice to fans that their ad will not be broadcasted on TV, and that they'll instead be spending the money usually used to buy primetime TV slots to develop 100 needy villages in Egypt.

A lot of companies with big budget ads this year were harshly criticised on social media for 'wasting' millions on commercials. Quickly following up their announcement, Coca-Cola posted the first of a series of ads that ask viewers not to judge a book by its cover, and to take an extra second before casting judgement. An insider source told CairoScene that they'll be leveraging the power of social media to mobilise Egyptians in their charitable causes, so pay attention to their social media to find out how! Check out the new ad below: