Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Video: How to Use Game of Thrones to Hustle Your Way Into Sahel's Swankiest Compounds

Remember that one time you were allowed into Marassi? Neither do we, but pretty soon we will thanks to one hilarious Egyptian who utilised one of the many powers of Game of Thrones to get into the Sahel compound...

Staff Writer

If you think watching Game of Thrones is a waste of time, you need to watch this video, reconsider and recant because you have just been proven wrong. Mohamed Attwa is just another one of the many Cairenes who joined the mass exodus to Sahel this summer, except only he put all those ‘wasted’ hours to the best use, hustling his way into some of the North’s most well-guarded and gated communities. At one point he tells the security guard at Marassi he is going into El Lewa Jon Snow’s villa Winterfell and the unsuspecting security guard just lets him in. He was unable to get into Hacienda though - you need Jesus as well as his abs for that. Remember that the next time the gates of heaven don't open for you in Sahel!